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Getting a DUI doesn't have to ruin the rest of your life. You only have 10 days from your date of arrest to get your license back.

Whether you're looking for a Miami Dade County DUI attorney, a Broward County DUI lawyer or a Ft. Lauderdale DUI attorney, contact Mr. Goodis. He has a high success rate in representing clients from all over South Florida.

Whether it's your first, second, or third DUI, contact South Florida DUI Lawyer Randy Goodis today. In 2005 Mr. Goodis did not lose a DUI trial in Broward or Dade County.

Experienced Florida DUI Lawyer - Randy Goodis, Attorney at Law

In the last several years Mr. Goodis, a Florida DUI Attorney, has taught at 11 DUI seminars attended by both Defense Lawyers and Prosecutors. Mr. Goodis has handled motions, violation of probation hearings, and trials in thousands of cases from all around South Florida. In 1993 he received his Juris Doctor at the University of Miami. His undergraduate degree was obtained at Boston University in 1990. While partner at a prestigious Boutique Criminal Firm, Mr. Goodis supervised the travel team and was Dade County Division Chief. Prior to becoming a DUI Attorney, he worked as an State Attorney, both in the Orlando and Osceola County Divisions. He was also an Assistant Public Defender. During this time, Mr. Goodis never lost a trial.

Every case has legal defenses, but its important to hire an experienced Florida DUI lawyer to make certain they are heard. Look at our recent case victories and see why people turn to Mr. Goodis when looking for a Florida DUI attorney.

If you look at our previous wins page you will see how Mr. Goodis wins cases. Every DUI case can be won, don't let one bad night ruin the rest of your life, call Mr. Goodis after your arrest, day or night to discuss your case at 954.922.8384. Don't lose your privilege to operate a motor vehicle. Enjoy the freedom to drive once again! Contact Randy Goodis for help winning your case and you will be glad that you did. Call us immediately at 954.922.8384 or 305.389.1833.

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